"Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Zodiark?"

Ascian of the third staff

Come, then. And hear my tale...

NAME: (Prometheus) Seems to go by "Sin"
NICKNAME(S): The pain in your side
RACE: Ascian Viera (Rava)
SEX: Male
[pronouns:he/him (primary), they/them (acceptable)]
AGE: (???)
OCCUPATION: Being a nuisance, Emet-Selch fanboy
VOICE CLAIM: Sin's voice claim is complicated. He sounds like Terrance Zdunich (but British). His intonations always make him sound really, really bored - regardless of how he's feeling.
MANNERISMS: He talks with his hands. A lot. One day he'll smack the wrong person in the face. Not that he'll actually stick around to face the consequences.APPEARANCE:The form you recognize as "Sin" appears to be an unusually tall male viera (6'10").His eyes are deep red, like freshly-shed blood. Underneath them, the skin is bruised and discolored, similar to the appearance of one who never sleeps a full night's rest. This, one would think, is unusual - for those eyes are so sharp.Sharp... such is his nose - a strong Roman point. This is a trademark feature of his.He wears anything that he deems physically comfortable. This leads him to possess many a robe and other such baggy attire.He can also often be found wearing a black mask that hides his face. Not always, but it's pretty common. Also, those pointy finger gloves that ascians seem to love so much.Like all other ascians, he does not have a shadow in any form.PHILOSOPHY AND IDEALS:You paid attention to the home page of this site, right? Sin takes his proselytizing very seriously. He actively seeks to sway people into serving Zodiark and into supporting the "ascian agenda."SPOILERS FOR ENDWALKER (highlight the area below to see text):
After the fall of Zodiark, Sin found himself lost and without a goal. However, it didn't take him long to get back on his feet. Now, he seeks to start his own cult to bring Zodiark back once more.
He believes in an eye for an eye. So do be careful if you find yourself on his bad side. Luckily, he's usually in a decent mood.RANK:
His official ranking is "Ascian of the Third Staff." The 'third' part of his ranking means that he is aligned with and normally answers to Emet-Selch. The 'staff' part of his ranking means that he primarily casts his magicks using a staff (like a black mage). Sin's strongest element is fire.
LIKES: Manipulating others, pain (selective), preaching about Zodiark to anyone who will listen, fire (and setting things on fire), pizza
DISLIKES: Hydaelyn and Her followers, playing "by the rules," low ceilings (tol problems)
WEAKNESSES: white auracite, being a lesser ascian means that he cannot return to the rift if slain
FEARS: ???
EXTRA (EW SPOILERS): https://say-no-to-hydaelyn.carrd.co

Hooks and plotting

BASIC PLOTTING INFO: I love plotting. Please reach out to me if you'd like to plan something with our characters. Friends, enemies, clueless people who somehow found themselves caught up in one of Sin's schemes... I want to write all of it!DISCORD: Sin Miko#0666

ASCIAN: This is the very obvious elephant-in-the-room kind of hook. Sin really isn't very secretive about being an ascian. No, seriously. He just disappears into shadows whenever he pleases, uncaring of whoever might see. Did your character see him at some other time and happened to watch him fade into nothingness? Call him out on it. He also can sometimes be seen wearing proper ascian robes and a black mask that denotes his rank. Does your character hate ascians? Love ascians? Feel sympathy for their plight?If you are another ascian, you might know "Sin" by his true ascian name of "Prometheus." Prometheus was known to be a kind craftsman with the peoples' best interests at heart... a far cry from what this shard of him is now.NO SHADOW: This goes with being an ascian. But I really wanted to make this feature apparent because I feel most people would notice if someone just didn't have a shadow at all. Oooo. Spooky.PROSELYTIZING: As mentioned on his bio page, Sin doesn't shut up about Zodiark or ascian history. He actively tries to garner sympathy with anyone who will listen, claiming that "even sinners should have a chance to be redeemed." That said, if someone hears him say something like this and blatantly tells him he's wrong, they're likely to get on his bad side. The results of which... could be interesting.FAMILIAR FACE?: Lesser ascians cannot possess living beings. Therefore, Sin's chosen form is definitely someone's loved one. Brother, husband, son... Surely seeing your family member risen from the dead would send anyone into shock. Feel free to have your character know him somehow (but discuss it with me OOCly first, just in case it clashes with what someone else has already proposed).ARE YOU OKAY?: Sin... looks like he's never even been in the same room as a bed. Those dark circles under his eyes give him a gaunt look. Despite being perfectly hale and healthy, one could mistake him for being ill... if he's not wearing a mask.CULT LEADER?: (EW Spoilers - highlight text below)
After the fall of Zodiark, Sin found himself lost and without a goal. However, it didn't take him long to get back on his feet. Now, he seeks to start his own cult to bring Zodiark back once more. If your character is easily persuaded, tricked, or has a similar goal in mind, they're the perfect candidate!

Nosy, aren't you...?

- Sin can see the "color" of peoples' souls (like a certain someone).
- His true ascian name is "Prometheus," but he doesn't spread that around to just anyone.
- Sin can fix just about anything. How fast or how easily depends on what exactly is being fixed... but he is a master crafstman, as his true name would imply.
- Sin has felt love before, but that was long ago.
- His viera body was specifically picked due to the long lifespan viera have.
- He's actually a good dancer. Don't ask him to sing, though. He will make your ears bleed.
- Thanks to Puku Pizza, he has developed a taste for, well, pizza. He orders a stupid amount at a time... and somehow manages to either eat all of it or dupe someone else into helping him do so.
- He likes animals, especially big and strong ones! ... But animals don't tend to like him. They often run away or are hostile towards him.
More to be added later!

Hello, hi! I'm Kyle.

I'm a 28 year-old trans male. I've been writing as a hobby since I was very young, and I've been playing ffxiv for a little over 7 years.I work from home, so I'm usually always around to respond on Discord. However I'm not usually available to rp until after 7pm EST. My discord is Sin Miko#0666. Mondays aren't typically good for me. I prefer to set a date and time to RP so I can plan irl things around it.I am engaged to my partner of 5 years. So, obviously, no OOC romantic advances, please.I enjoy writing almost any kind of rp, but my favorite things to write are dark/morbid scenes. I really like the tension and emotions that can come of them. That being said, please speak with me OOCly before:- maiming my character
- killing my character (this means PLEASE no white auracite god-modding; feel free to use it in rp but know full well that, once Sin gets a glimpse of it, he's likely to get the hell out of there)
I consider myself a pro-shipper. This means that I don't give a flying fuck what you like to ship. I won't judge. Why? Because it's none of my business. If you are someone who considers yourself an "anti," please kindly see yourself out and never interact with me. You'll be doing both of us a favor.
Fight Scenes
Any sort of fight scenes with me must use the /random chat command or have open communication OOC. Depending on what our rp consists of, there might be other situations where /random is used.
Regarding ERP
I will usually go along with most anything. I will let you know if anything begins to make me uncomfortable, but I have a broad tolerance. However, please know that Sin - in particular - is greysexual (<- clickable link). If you're looking to pursue intimate rp with him solely for the sake of intimate rp, he's very likely going to turn you down (yes, even if he's flirting - he sometimes flirts just to toy with people).
If you do somehow manage to get him to have sexual relations with your character, know that he is only interested in receiving pain. If the mood strikes him, he will give pain. But it's never going to be vanilla sex. If this isn't your cup of tea, then he's not the erp character for you.I will not write sexually explicit scenes with anyone under 18.Regarding the whole "ascian" thing
I have tailored Sin's character so as to keep him from being a "gary sue," so to speak.
- he is a lesser ascian, so he cannot return to the chrysalis upon death; he will literally die if his vessel dies without a nearby corpse to possess
- being a lesser ascian, he's like a lackey; he isn't nearly as strong as the ascians prominent in the MSQ (like Lahabrea, Elidibus, and Emet-Selch).
- Due to the nature of Sin's character, there will be spoilers. Not might. There will be. I will not take responsibility for any spoiling of the MSQ that might be done by interacting with me.
Please, and I cannot stress this enough, do not cross IC and OOC and absolutely do not drag me into OOC drama. If you want to get your feelings hurt OOCly because of something my character does ICly, I will drop you. I'm not dealing with it, and I'm especially not enabling someone acting like a victim.